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Elected Officials

†Appointment of Vacated Seat
Elected Official Title Term Ending
Lenny Eliason County Commissioner 12.31.2018
Chris Chmiel County Commissioner 01.02.2021
Charlie Adkins County Commissioner 01.01.2021
Jill A. Thompson County Auditor 03.10.2019
Bill Bias County Treasurer 09.03.2017
Keller J. Blackburn Prosecuting Attorney 01.01.2021
R. Jeff Maiden County Engineer 01.01.2021
Jessica Markins County Recorder 01.01.2021
Carl T. Ortman County Coroner 01.01.2021
Ann C. Trout Clerk of Courts 01.01.2021
Patrick Lang Common Pleas Court Judge 02.08.2021
George P. McCarthy Common Pleas Court Judge 12.31.2022
Robert W. Stewart Probate/Juvenile Court Judge 02.08.2021
Rodney Smith County Sheriff 01.01.2021